Image: Main Mixer Module

Main Mixer Module


Less Energy Consumption


The unit agitator we use on the Main Mixer is the result of our experience for over 30 years. And analyzed using modern software to get the desired flow of stirring so that the mixing results become well mixed.

The unique design of this agitator unit makes the Main Mixer unit very efficient and environmentally friendly. The unique agitator design makes the product free from "black particles".


Capacity : 

1T;  3T; 5T; 6T & 10T

Working Pressure : 

Shell        : up to 6 bar

Jacketed : up to 6 bar

Working Temperature : 

Shell        : up to 140 deg.C

Jacketed: up to 150 deg.C

Media : 

Steam, Hot Water, Chilled Water

Equiped with : 

Horse Shoes Agitator with PTFE Scapper, Medium Speed Dissolver Agitator,  Side Pot with Configuration