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    Happy Eid Al-Fitr

    Published on 05 June, 2019

    Greeting from PT Prakasalanggeng MajuBersama.

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    HSE Bulletin - May 2019

    Published on 17 May, 2019

    Eid Fitr is getting closer, returning to hometown is something that we have been waiting for. Going back to hometown is identical with long trips. Of course, when you will travel for the long way you should have a good preparation, such as a physical preparation and driving equipment. This needs to be done so that your trip runs smoothly and avoids unwanted things.

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    Basic Mentality Training

    Published on 09 May, 2019

    On Thursday May 9th, 2019, MajuBersama held a Basic Mentality training at the MajuBersama – Balarja Workshop. This training was attended by 10 participants. The training was guided by Mr. Bustomi as Development of Human Resources. The traing starts from 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM

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    Biopori Holes Installment

    Published on 30 April, 2019

    Majubersama Energy Installed the Biopori holes at the Baraja Workshop, this was held to grow awareness about the environtment for Majubersama's employee, This activity has been carried out in the open garden area in front of the main office as many as 30 biopory holes with 4 inches diameter and 200 cm distance between Biopori Holes.

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    Maju Bersama receiving an award from PT. PP (Persero)

    Published on 29 April, 2019

    PT Prakarsalanggeng Maju Bersama (Maju Bersama - Energy) received an award from PT PP (Persero) on April, 2019

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    Maju Bersama - Energy Blood Donation Event

    Published on 23 April, 2019

    On Wednesday,  April 16th 2019 Maju Bersama-Energi (MB Energy) collaborated with Indonesian Red Cross Serang Banten (PMI) reheld Blood Donations event. Located at the Balaraja Workshop