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Maju Bersama can designed to seperate production fluids into their constituent components of gas and liquid (Oil and Water). Gas and Liquid separators are classified as Three phase separator, Two phase separator, Free Knock out Drums, Flare KO Drum, Degassers, this can be either Horizontal or Vertical



  • Includes; primary separation, secondary settling, mist extractor, gas outlet, liquid settling section, oil outlet and water outlet
  • Designed and manufactured with highly advanced calculation softwares
  • Meets ASME

Project Reference:

  • 2015: 8 units Separator for 2nd Stage Separator Gemah PPF Production Project: Jambi, Petrochina International Jabung Ltd.
  • 2016: 1 Unit Gas Boot Vessel - Minas, Riau; PT. hevron Pacific Indonesia
  • 2017: Production Separator & Wireline for PT. Pertamina EP asset II Prabu Mulih: PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama
  • Etc.