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Heat Exchanger


Our expertise and years of experience in various industries make Maju Bersama the perfect partner when it comes to building top-quality, reliable, and high performance Heat Exchanger Packages. Designs and manufactures shell and tube type heat exchangers for oil, gas, petrochemical, food, beverages and all kind of industrial application as per world wide accepted standards such as ASME.



  • Maximum pressure: Max 1200 psi
  • Temperature interval: Max 400 Celcius



  • Convenience to be used for almost all occasions. (Oil Refineries, Thermal Power Plants, Chemical Industries)
  • Being profoundly flexible and having solid design
  • Applicable to be installed and uninstalled for cleaning
  • Easiness in maintenance 
  • Easy to install multi-units
  • Having a small amount of fluids restraint due to the ability to be manufactured from various metals


Project Reference:

  • 2018: Tube Bundle Assy: Cilacap: PT. Pertamina (Persero) RU IV
  • 2015: Tube Bundle: Plaju, Sumatera Selatan; PT. Pertamina (Persero) RU III
  • Etc.