Image: Fluid Bed Drying / Cooling System
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Fluid Bed Drying / Cooling System


  • Fluid Bed Technology is an energy efficient process to further dry, cool and/or separate powder particles. 
  • Powder falls by gravity from a spray drying chamber into a fluid bed. Warm and cool air is introduced into an air plenum for gentle final drying, cooling, and/or separation of powder particles.
  • New directional air disperser screen that provides optimum product fluidization of powder particles. The specially designed air disperser screen:
    • Directs the powder flow towards the powder discharge, while the fluid bed sidewalls remain free of powder build-up.
  • Flat and crevice free without pockets, which known to cause powder flow disturbance.
  • Equipped with liquid-activated retractable CIP Spray Nozzles and Fire Suppression Nozzles that provide safe and hygienic processing.